SanCamilo’s Professional Therapeutic Community, a member of the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities, provides residential treatments for patients affected by drug abuse or alcohol, and for people with diverse disorders such as: alimentary disorders, for e.g. anorexia and bulimia, and psychiatric disorderly conduct.

 It is one of the few Communities with a closed-system modality which exist in the country and in the Continent.It operates as a closed and open community, also for "Dual" patients, with residential treatment and psychiatric supervision in order to achieve reintegration to social life and job field.

 No patients are rejected, although there is a methodological standard procedure for treatments, which adapts to the personal characteristics and needs of each patient.

 We work with the patient’s willpower or with the family’s willpower, anger, fatigue or desperation. Families can resort to us to safeguard the patient’s life before it is too late.

 The fate of those abandoned persons who suffer the consequences of different pathologies associated to drugs or alcohol abuse is usually tragic: death, moral and financial breakdown, prison, daily threat and death by overdose; accidents or aggressions, dangerous conduct towards themselves and others. The Foundation’s aim is to avoid this dramatic panorama and perspective.

 The treatment takes place in a highly structured environment by means of a system of artificially controlled pressure.

 This Community was not meant to be the indefinite permanence of patients. Once the patient fulfills the residential treatment period, the reintegration and ambulatory phase begins. The rehab finishes with programmed follow-ups and lasts approximately 24 months.

 This Therapeutic Community provides a family-like organizational model with the same affective commitment you receive from your family.

 This Community staff, no matter their hierarchies, roles or functions, is affectively committed within a responsible love framework in which the patient receives what is good for him and not what is requested. Therefore, he is ready to tolerate and to accept the lack of understanding and rejection.

 This Community has accomplished retention figures which are superior to average ones, and those of recovery and abstinence maintenance are within the best standards known of in this activity.

 Some characteristics that the Community offers which make it different from others:

 It works in a modern building, built and installedfor medical attention and for more complex residential treatments.
 "The House" is 300 m2: it has eight rooms available for one or two people and twelve rooms for four or six people, all of them with a private bath each. It also has 300 m2 for workshops and other activities.
 We ensure toxic substances rehabilitation and abstinence follow-up.
 A multidisciplinary and professional directive structure executes therapeutic programs based on their capacities and their experience in addict’s recoveries without relapses.
 The "House" is handled by experts in addictions and in addicts’ recovery, who have determined participation. This enssures understanding; intelligent communication, confidence and effectiveness to achieve goals.
 It has a professional and environmental infrastructure suitable for a residential treatment modality.

 San Camilo employs an efficient group of psychiatrist experts on addictions and dual pathologies and a multidisciplinary team of psychologists and therapeutic operators.

 It also has highly qualified professional resources and infrastructure to run workshops and to develop therapeutic programs like: psychotherapy, psychodrama, group techniques, occupational and labor therapy.

 The Community has sufficient and effective resources to satisfy the medical needs of patients at all levels of complexity and it is protected by a 24 hs medical emergency system.

 A personalized treatment model of proven effectiveness is provided. It is based on DAYTOP VILLAGE of the United States which is recognized for its effectiveness in the most outstanding world-wide scope on this matter.

 The program counts with DAYTOP’s backup. San Camilo’s founder has a fluid professional relation with this institution. This makes the Community unique and different and assures development and update.

DAYTOP therapy is not only based in knowing meticulously and vividly the subject of drug addiction, but in the particular, customized and adapted therapeutic approaches to each requirement.


Independencia 6954 – Del Viso – Pilar – Provincia de Buenos Aires – Argentina
Phone: (54) 02320 657447
(54) 02320 657475



Doctorate Raúl L. Bonorino - Curriculum Vitae – The Founder

Full Name: Raúl Laureano Bonorino
Date of birth: 11th. October, 1942
Nationality: Argentinian
Marital status: Married to Olga Martinez – Four children
Religion: Roman Catholic
Alcoholic and addict fully recovered at AA over thirty years ago

Doctorate in Chemistry – Universidad Tecnológica Argentina
Primary and Secondary School studies – Lange Ley Institute

Doctorate in addictions at Daytop USA (degree not recognized in Argentina)
Expert on addictions and treatments of alcoholics and drug addicts.
Course on addictions at AA - Miami branch – New York 1992
Post-graduate studies on addictions at Georgetown University, Washinton DC. USA; UOMO Program, Rome, Italy; CURA Program, New Jersey, USA; University of Oklahoma, USA; Juvenile Integration Program, Mexico DF; University of Navarra, Spain; Complutense University, Madrid, Spain; Deusto University, Bilbao, Spain; Colonia University, Germany.

Spanish: Native speaker
English: Full command

Founder and current Chairman of San Camilo Foundation Program
Course on how to deal with addicts – Boston , USA
Founder of AA groups in Pergamino - Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina and other communities, towns and cities in Argentina, Latinamerica and Europe
President of AA group in 1976
General Services AA Representative and founder of self-help groups for addictions in Perú, Brasil,Colombia, Ecuador, USA
Lecturer on addictions – Bogotá, Colombia
President of Voluntary Service at Fundación Viaje de Vuelta
President of Parents association at Fundación Viaje de Vuelta
Founder of Fundación Vanguardia – 1992
Member of the World Federation of Therapeuthic Communities – Daytop Village Inc. New York, USA
Lecturer on alcoholism in Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay,Colombia, Panama, Brazil and USA
Courses on addictions ( Family and social problems). Miami, New York, Boston in USA
Advisor and consultant at the Court of Justice in Buenos Aires and in Buenos Aires province
Creator and advisor of Unit 19 at Ezeiza Penitenciary and organizer of groups of selfhelp for interns
Former Advisor at the Secretary of Programming for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and Fight against Drug Dealing depending from the Presidency of the Argentine Nation.

Independencia 6954 – Del Viso – Pilar – Provincia de Buenos Aires – Argentina
Phone: (54) 02320 657447
(54) 02320 657475

Sarmiento 2487 - Derqui, Pilar, Prov. de Buenos Aires, Argentina
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